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Independent Adjusters for Citizens of Florida daily & catastrophe claims

Ad Posted:Thursday, December 19, 2013
Ad Expires:Saturday, January 18, 2014
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 Posted by:JGFinancialIns
 Phone:(813) 336-4550
 User Location:Tampa
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Ad Information:  
 Company Name:Jimmie Giles Financial, LLC
 Contact Name:Jimmie Giles, Jr.
 Address:3959 Van Dyke Rd, Ste 298
 Phone:(813) 336-4550
 FAX:(813) 434-2332
 BBB Accredited:Not Provided
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Happy New Year!

Jimmie Giles Financial, LLC (an Insurance Adjusting Company) is currently pursuing business with Citizens of Florida Property Insurance Corporation. If you are interested in adjusting Citizens daily claims or catastrophe claims with Jimmie Giles Financial, LLC, please email a resume and take a few minutes to fill out the attached documentation. Send all documents to by Sunday, January 12th, no later than 5pm EST.

Be advised that Citizens of Florida is requiring each independent adjuster be dedicated to one adjusting firm. If an adjuster’s name appears on more than one company’s roster, the name will not count for either firm. Thus neither firm will be given credit for listing the adjuster on their roster. This requirement does not limit you to work solely for one company and is only for application of business purposes. The attached document will confirm that our independent adjusters request to be included only on the roster of Jimmie Giles Financial, LLC. Again, this will not limit your ability as an independent adjuster to work for another firm, but will allow Jimmie Giles Financial to list you on our roster at this time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email or contact me. We look forward to having you as a member of our team!


Jimmie Giles, Jr.
Jimmie Giles Financial, LLC
President, Managing Director
P: (813)336-4550
F: (813)434-2332


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