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Ad Posted:Thursday, February 15, 2018
Ad Expires:Friday, February 15, 2019
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Overspray Removal Specialists, Inc. Information:

1. Fifty years in business.
2. Successfully removed overspray from an estimated 300,000 vehicles.
3. Highly skilled technicians travel the nation to safely clean one to several thousand vehicles.
4. Onsite management provides: excellent public relations, inspections, and complete documentation which includes full claimant contact information, vehicle full vin and license plate
numbers: photos, signed vehicle pre-condition reports, signed release,s and directions of pay. All data is professionally backed up daily into a security safe environment.
5. All work is done by hand using safe non-polluting products..
6. Most overspray can safely be removed by hand using our exclusive rubber overspray erasers which are superior to clay bars and will not scratch or haze vehicle surfaces.
7. Heavy and dense overspray that is unable to be removed with our eraser pads, or clay bars others use, can be removed by our shaving process eliminating the need to wet-sand
and/or repaint costs many times our pricing.
8. Vehicle exteriors are polished, waxed, and detailed after their overspray has been removed.
9. Vehicle molding and trim parts often can be cleaned rather than being replaced at tremendous costs that others cannot clean.
10. Our five million dollar general liability covers all claim sites.
11. All work is guaranteed.
12. Contact us anytime 24/7 for immediate service and excellent competitive pricing.
13. Better Business Bureau A+ rating.

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