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Check out all of the resources below to help you achieve success as an Insurance Adjuster-

For training page copy this link -

How to Get Started, Get Work, and Make Money as an Insurance Adjuster (E-book)
Reviewing Water Mitigation Estimates for Adjusters (E-Book)
7 Habits of Successful Adjusters (VIDEO COURSE)
Bundle - Includes all E-Books, Video Course, and 30 minute conversation with Dr. TJ Ammons about your career! (Pick me please)


We are committed to training adjusters and preparing them to be successful. That's why I am proud to offer our Ebook 'How to Get Started, Get Work, and Make Money as an Insurance Adjuster' to individuals who are interested in becoming adjusters, and those that are currently licensed.
Insurance adjusting is a growing field. Many people are drawn to it because of the flexibility and income potential but they don't realize it can be hard to get your first assignment. For every adjuster making six-figures, there are adjusters that are looking for work or their first position. I explain exactly what you must do to stand out, get work, and, specifically, which companies to apply with. I discuss the deployment process and how to properly prepare for your first assignment. I discuss what to do while you are deployed to make sure you get future assignments and build strong relationships with adjusting companies.
When I first began in adjusting I didn't have friends that were currently working in the field. It was a leap of faith as I quit my job and waited for my first deployment. I learned from trial and error. It took several years for me to get in the position I am right now in order to only work 4 months a year and make more money than a previous job for the entire year. If I had this information back then I would have gotten work sooner. In addition, I would have made more money in a shorter period of time.
What you will find in adjusting is a lot of helpful people but, unfortunately, some individuals may not have passed on the best information or have the best practices. This E-book solves that problem for you.
If you are already an adjuster who has worked assignments before I feel that you will benefit from the tools I share in how to get a great rating and build relationships to get more assignments.


I have personally saved insurance carriers over a million dollars reviewing water mitigation claims. I have worked from home reviewing these claims as an independent contractor for many insurance companies. I have also worked on staff handling these types of claims for a Major carrier.

Many carriers hire third party vendors to review water mitigation estimates as they recognize less than adequate training is available.
Although I am certified as a Water Restoration Technician and in Applied Structural Drying, I found this training similar to the IICRC and S-500 limited in specificity to adequately review water mitigation claims for adjusters. This is the main reason why I decided to write this E-book for adjusters.
I have compiled the information in this E-book over several years and have tailored it to cover the most important information to help adjusters confidently review water mitigation estimates.
This E-book will help give you a good foundation in water mitigation and show you how to review these estimates and immediately find savings. I explain the principles of water mitigation, mitigation equipment, equipment calculations, addressing inaccuracies with vendors, and most importantly common 'mistakes' vendors make on their estimates.
Water mitigation vendors purposefully overcharge and add unwarrranted line items because 90% of adjusters and carriers will pay for these fees without knowing they should be removed.
Get your E-book today to and be better prepared to review water mitigation estimates!


I created this video course for two reasons. First, many adjusters once they receive their first deployment end up leaving a lot of money on the table and have few opportunities for call backs with the same company. Secondly, many people learn better by watching video and there were a couple principles I discuss that come across better using this medium.

I remember my first deployment which lasted only 6 weeks. I decided one day to look back on all of the advanced techniques I didn't utilize to see how much money I left on the table. The total was well over $10,000.

Have you ever thought to yourself the following statement: If I knew back then what I know now my experience would have been totally different? That is how I felt realizing all the money I left on the table.

In the video course I go into detail about the 7 habits that will help anyone become successful as claim handles to drastically increase the amount of money they can potentially make. Also utilizing these habits with greatly decrease the time it takes you to handle claims allowing you to increase the amount you can complete in a day.

This course is my latest addition. I decided to create this course after I worked in the large loss unit during Hurricane Irma. I wanted to created a common sense approach to claim handling that I never learned while getting licensed. During my time as a manager, working large loss, reviewing claims, adjusting claims and handling supplements I learned a lot but to date have not found comparable resources I feel confident referring someone to learn some of the finer points of adjusting.

This is a great resource to follow to create your routine that will allow you to make more money, become more organized, and get more opportunities for deployment because of your excellent work product.


I truly believe The Champion Adjuster Bundle is the best deal. I remember when I started my career I had so many questions. Unfortunately I did not have anyone to ask. Looking back I would have saved money on equipment and made more money if I had a chance to get good advice. Their are a few problems you may encounter as a new adjuster.

1. You may not know anyone to personally ask questions to get the information you need.

2. You may know someone to ask questions but since you are new you don't know how accurate the information is that you are receiving.

3. You are fortunate to have a very knowledgeable friend who has been in the industry for years, has worked a variety of jobs in different niches, and has helped many people get their start in adjusting.

Most people don't fall into category 3. I only new one person in the industry and he was brand new himself. As you may have found already their is not a lot of free information about insurance adjusting. In addition, a lot of the information you may find is old or repetitive leaving you without vital questions answered.

If you really want to invest in your career my training resources were created with you in mind. The resources below are all included in this package.

1. How to Get Started, Get Work, and Make Money as an Insurance Adjuster (E-Book)

2. Reviewing Water Mitigation Estimates (E-Book)

3. 7 Habits of Successful Adjusters (Video Course)

4. Includes a 30 minute conversation with Dr. TJ Ammons to answer your questions helping you feel confident and prepared!

If this option works for you I would love to speak with you about your career and answer all your questions. Also you will definitely benefit from the resources included in this package.

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