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Desk Adjuster Work From Home

Ad Posted:Saturday, June 3, 2023
Ad Expires:Monday, July 3, 2023
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 Posted by:EEJIS
 User Location:Dayton
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 Company Name:EEJIS
 Contact Name:Jon Higgins
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Work from home opportunity. This is for Home not Auto. Experienced desk adjuster needed. We are filling two new positions here at EEJIS. You will be filing supplements on the contractor side of the ball for EEJIS contractors. Supplements are a duplicate of the carriers scope with differences highlighted in BOLD along with F9 notes which reference sequentially numbered photos, codes and or ordinance of law where applicable.

Job requires phone work and email follow up to phone calls and voice mails until you acquire a revised scope of work from the carrier. We write our supplements with the carriers desk adjuster in mind - making it easy for them to review and get approval. We are looking for friendly and organized adjusters with experience working a desk. We want you to be friendly and engage the carriers desk adjuster and let them know that you're there to help them. Break the ice and help one another get the file off of BOTH your desks. The sooner you acquire a revised scope the sooner you are paid. Typical amount of time to get a revised estimate is 2 to 4 weeks. We require a minimum of 2 phone calls and two emails per week but we recommend you hammer that phone. It's your best friend when filing supplements for approval.

Pay is $100.00 per file. If it takes you a total of one hour to acquire a revised scope then you're making $100.00 an hour working from home. If it takes you a total of 2 hours you're making $50.00 an hour working from home. The more organized and diligent you are the more money you make. You are paid as soon as you get the revised scope uploaded into EEJIS. You're provided with a user name and login to manage your files. The user interface is VERY easy. If you know how to operate GMAIL you can operate EEJIS. It's that simple. Discussion boxes are located on each estimate/supplement for you to copy and paste your emails into in order to keep the contractor and their client up to date.

Organizational skills, a great personality and a hard work ethic are what make up our best estimation processors. Begin immediately. Training to the portal is provided both by Zoom meeting and written training material.

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