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 ''OJT Catastrophe Training Manual'' #1 Selling E-book for new Property Adjusters
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 Ad Posted: Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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The Best Information Available for New Property Claims Adjusters Looking To Greatly Increase Their Odds for Success.

A $100 Information Guide Worth 1000 X Its Purchase Price. to view a free 50 page Cut-Away of the book.

Our 259 Page Text Includes:

Information Needed To Secure Immediate Employment With The Largest And Most Reputable Independent Companies.

How To Prepare For And Pass Wind/Hail & Estimates Certification Exams And Which Independent Companies Are Offering Classes With Exams For Free.


How To Contact, Inspect, Scope, and Build Claim Files To The Highest Standards of Industry Practice.

Storm Supplies Needed: - A comprehensive list that includes pictures, descriptions and explanation of the tools you will need to maximize claim handling accuracy and efficiency.

Storm Site Preparation/Expectations: What to expect and how to prepare for the job that waits for you at the next storm site from induction to departure.
*How to read a Declarations Page
*Understanding and reacting to Severity Codes
*Understanding the people (claim mgmt, public adjusters, agents, contractors etc.) who you will need to interact with.
*How to prioritize claim load / what every adjuster should know about contacting claims and scheduling inspections
*Dealing with Salvage & transfer of roofing claims too steep to climb

Assessment and Application of Policy Coverage:
*Practical guide to understanding Homeowners, Business, Farm & Ranch, Renters, Condo Unit Owners, and Mobile Home Policies
*Explanation of common policy endorsements
*Industry expectations on absorbing policy deductibles

Understanding 'Xactimate'
*How to get and use 30 day free trial offer of Xactimate to prepare for your next claim assignment
*All practice estimates written in Xactimate format
*A roadmap for finding what you need from the price guide.

Industry Scoping Standards and Formulas - Includes:
*Mathematical formulas for calculating roof area
*Application of shingle waste factors
*How to identify A/C unit tonnage
*Counting tabs/knowing the difference between Metric and Standard shingles
*Shingle Identification chart
*Wall & Structure Framing component chart
*Application of the 24 square foot rule
*Two Industry approved ways to calculate carpet waste
*Drop & Fill waste calculator
*Creating industry appropriate scope notes and diagrams
*When to allow Profit & Overhead
*When to add Access, Demo, and Content Manipulation in settlement
*Estimatics Guidelines for roofing, flooring, cabinets, drywall and paint
*Common forms of structure framing
*Using test squares
*Calculating pitch
*When to include 2-Story, Steep & Extra Steep allowance

Roof & Exterior General Claims Settlement - Includes:
*Product Identification & Policy Interpretation
*In depth guide on Roofing Estimatics as per current industry standards
*How to speak Roofing Contractor language fluently...and then some
*Pictures that differentiate hail damage from age and manufacturing defect
*Fifteen roofing replacement scenarios (over fifty pages) with diagrams, measurements and answer key. Includes examples of how
to provide a settlement for each scenario on an actual estimate
*Estimate examples that demonstrate the most common forms of scoping errors committed by new adjusters
*Appropriate responses to the ten most common questions/assumptions made by roofers and homeowners.

Red Letter File Review - Includes:
* Understanding the types of claim file errors new adjusters are most likely to make.

Interior/General Claim Settlement - Includes:
*In depth guide for estimating interior storm damage.
*Damage scenarios with scope notes, diagrams and measurements, all transferred to an actual estimate
*Extending repairs to a natural break
*Surface water denial

Contents Settlement - Includes:
*In depth guide to contents settlement
*Depreciation guide
*Example of contents settlement

Loss of Use Settlement - Includes:
*The keys to applying homeowner's policy coverage for additional living expense and loss of rents.

Sample Claim - Example of completed hail claim that follows industry protocol in content and form.

Common Claim Settlements and Mistakes - Sound answers to real questions that come up while working storm claims. Clear examples of the most common mistakes made by most every new adjuster and the solutions on how to avoid them.

100 Question Wind/Hail & Estimatics Practice Exam - The same kind of questions asked on current wind/hail & estimatics certification exams!

The truth about your first / next storm claims assignment:
*Straight forward facts of how the IA industry selects and uses Independently contracted adjusters.
*How to secure your career future within the Catastrophe Claims Industry.
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